Oakland Dakota   Died  2012

Oak was my first lab and our relationship is what evolved into Bullis Lake Labradors.

I still can get emotional talking about Oak.  He was an outstanding, loyal,

fantastic companion and is truly missed.


Autumn Sky Died  2011

Autumn was a very sweet, loving girl.   She loved the water.

Autumn could follow the scent of something in the air that never touched the

ground.  She was gentle with all people and all dogs.  Such a cuddle love.

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Orion  Died  2016

Orion was a happy, friendly guy.  He was calm and gentle

around people.   He was a wonderful stud dog and sired many beautiful puppies.

Orion's death was sudden.  I noticed he did not eat his breakfast and then came back

and checked on him around noon and he still had not eaten.   After taking him to my

regular vet for tests and x-rays, then to ER vet for ultrasound, it was found he had something

lodged in his intestines.  Orion had eaten three pieces of hard plastic each about the size of a flat

egg.  They each had jagged edges and had ripped the inside of his intestines.   It all happened

very fast and was a big shock personally, as well as to my breeding program.   He is missed.

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