Many people ask what I feed my dogs on a continuing basis, and

what I feed their puppy while the puppies are here at Bullis Lake Labs.

I feed all of my dogs Purina Pro Dry Dog Food in any of the flavors

available.  This is not the Purina Chow available in grocery stores.

The Purina Pro food line is available in stores such as PetCo and PetSmart

and also some farm supply stores such as Rural King.


When the puppies start the weaning process I start them out on

Purina Pro canned puppy food in the "classic" consistency.  They love it

and eat it right up.  After they have been eating canned dog food for about

a week I start feeding them moistened Purina Pro Dry Puppy Food.  I moisten

the kibbles because eating in their litter pack there is competition for food and

they tend to inhale their food.  I do not want any of them to choke in their haste

to eat, so I soften the dry food with water the whole time they are here. 


My goal is to furnish you with the healthiest and happiest puppy possible.  NuVet Plus

Vitamins are all made from all natural products and I have gotten good results

with them, so I feed them to the puppies as well for an added boost to help

with allergies, digestion, their coat, etc.  This link provides

information about the NuVet Plus vitamins I start your puppy on.


Thank you for looking.